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The Kirtland’s Warbler Young Artists Calendar features artwork on each page by Michigan children that highlights the plants and animals of the Calendar for sale Jack Pine ecosystem, including the Federally Endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. Calendar covers 2014- 2015 and makes a great gift item. Calendar proceeds help support Kirtland’s Warbler classroom and field trip education efforts.

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The mission of the Eastern National Forests Interpretive Association is to aid and support the US Forest Service and other Contract Agencies to achieve quality land management under the sustainable multiple use management concept to meet the diverse needs of people. ENFIA will carry out its mission through the following activities:
  • Support the development and growth of the interpretive associations within the Eastern and Southern regions of the Forest Service and other Contract Agencies by providing business support and other services.
  •  Sponsor, produce, and sell through its outlets: books, pamphlets, audio-visual, and other interpretive and educational materials pertaining to the National Forests system and other Contract Agencies.
  •  Make available to the public products and handicrafts that interpret or symbolize the significance of the units of the National Forest Service and other Contract Agencies in order to stimulate interest in our national culture, heritage, history, and natural resources.
  •  Assist in the preservation of historic buildings, cultural sites, and objects on National Forest Service and other Contract Agencies land for the purpose of furthering public understanding and enjoyment of our national heritage.
  •  Aid in the development and improvement of interpretive facilities within the National Forest system and other Contract Agencies including signs, markers, exhibits, and other media.
  •  Promote and assist in the development and maintenance of interpretive and educational programs including the organization of volunteer and paid seasonal staff to conduct these activities.
  •  Under agreement with the Forest Service, operate and manage Forest Service and other Contract Agencies facilities such as campgrounds, entrance stations, and other visitor conveniences where interpretive and educational opportunities otherwise are provided.